1997 Large straw hats

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Iron Aphro weave Linensisol and hemp .

Large BW braid 1990

Wide Fancy Swiss Hemp Braid Linensisol


White Springbok

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White Springbok000


White-Springbok000 White Springbok001 White Springbok002 White Springbok003 White Springbok004 White Springbok005

Monkey Eyes

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Monkey eyes000 Monkey eyes001 Monkey eyes002 Monkey eyes003

Red Lion

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Red Lion000 Red Lion001 Red Lion002 Red Lion002a Red Lion003 Red Lion004 Red Lion005 Red Lion006 Red Lion007


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Madiba & Bayete ………………………
Theses African Cotton caps and hats are made from original fabrics in South Africa.
Cut ,sew and hand block from original wood blocks from la Forme in Paris.
All the orders are custom made specifically to your head ….
Prices are 100.$Us for the cap and 200.$Us for the hat plus shipping fees.
Delivery from 4 to 20 days.

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