Visors AJ Philippe Urban Paris 2012

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All hand made by Philippe Urban ™
Photography Philippe Urban ©
Visor PUVHC 001

Visor PUVHC 002

Visor PUVHC Diabolo

VisorAJ Cubitare 001 VisorAJ Cubitare 002

VisorAJ Cubitare 004

VisorAJ Damask 001VisorAJ Damask 002.

VisorAJ Agades

VisorAJ Excelsis 003

VisorAJ Excelsis 001

VisorAJ Excelsis 002

VisorAJ Fei Shu 001VisorAJ Fei Shu 002

VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 002VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 001

VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 003VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 004

VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 008VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 005

VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 006

VisorAJ Fei Shu Atl 007

VisorAJ FeiDamcub

VisorAJ Jarin

VisorAJ Peacock Deco

VisorAJ Poorl 009

VisorAJ Poorl 005

VisorAJ Poorl 002VisorAJ Poorl 003

VisorAJ Poorl 006VisorAJ Poorl 007

VisorAJ Poorl 008VisorAJ Poorl 004

VisorAJ Poorl 001

VisorAJ Yun 001

VisorAJ Yun 003.VisorAJ Yun 002.



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PUV is the original design visor by Philippe Urban
made by La Forme in Paris .
Made of French vintage honeycomb Veiling .
Delicately binded and wired this headband is adjustable .

Inside loops for ribbon tightening attach.


4 September 2011 § 1 Comment

Made of a Mink fur hat , the crown is cut and block on the mini PT with a furfelt brim hand rolled.The crown foundation is in canvas who give the mobility to the fur as the shape can requier.
The lining is made in power mesh or in a kimono sode this one is an jinken ikat .
French vintage ribbon AS & cie 47 mm or n”18 Color Sapin Silk and Coton gros Grain is stitch with the zig zag to the brim in suspension to give the mobility of the crown.
One is in Dark ( Mink colors) with the Marron gros grain and red zig zag stitch , black furfelt brim .
One is Mahoganie with the Sapin Gros grain and red zig zag stitch , black furfelt brim .


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>MWSGMarron693 H150

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