PUH Beanies / RWT PFW AW2015

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PUH SSale14

Summersale on Philippe Urban Headwear! Spend 50 CAD and get 50% off

on SS14 categories when using code “PUHSS14”.


Hot Dyes on heat head.

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HotHead1 Beret Eggplant fornt Beret Eggplant Beret Mauve Eggplant Isler Boater Eggplant Isler Bowler Black Forest RR Cap Indigo black HH Cap Kaki black HH Homburg Black Natural HH Homburg Brown Navy Midnight HH Homburg Drab Kaki Grey HH Iron Black 2 RR HH Iron Charcoal Black0 HH Iron Charcoal Black1 HH Iron Charcoal Black2 HH Iron Charcoal Black3 HH Iron Charcoal Black4 HH Iron Charcoal Black5 HH Iron Charcoal Black6 HH Iron Charcoal Black7 HH Trilby Black Indigo RR HH Trilby Black Navy Indigo HH Trilby Charcoal Black grey HH Trilby Charcoal brown HH Trilby Charcoal Sapin Drab HH Trilby DK brown Charcoal Peanut HH Trilby Eggplant foret HH Trilby Peanut Charcoal DK brownHH Trilby White natural HH

WIY. Weave It Your hat

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are weaved Row on Row from paper.

Hand WEAVE IT YOURSELF with Rexlace

the extruded PVC plastic cord.
Also known as Boondoggle or Scoubidou
This brand of plastic lacing has been key staple in summer camp crafting for generations.
This trimming is latex free made in USA.
Choose 3 colors
The head size sweatband is the 3D Spacer mesh 3mm in polyester
Handmade on a wood block .
Those crowns are my original design handcrafted
from La Forme ,Paris.
The size are available
Euro/Japan 55 to 61c
US 6 7/8 to 7 1/2
GB 6 3/4 to 7 3/8
Inches 21 3/4 to 24
Measure and order your head size.
Delivery 4 to 7 DAYS .
Shipping is free or Pick up in Montreal only .

rexlace-color-14  Boater URR 141000 Boater URR 141001 Bowler URR 001 copy Beret URR 141001 Bowler URR 002 copy TRILBY URR 037TRILBY URR 021 copy  TRILBY URR 039 copy TRILBY URR 038 Beret URR 141000Beret URR 141007

SS Bowler FPRL 14004 SS Beret FPRL 14000 SS TopHat FPRL 14004 SSBoater PRRL14003 SS14 Straw Detail039 SS14 Straw Detail035 SS14 Straw Detail036 SS14 Straw Detail038 SSM Trilby FPRL 14001 SSM Trilby FPRL 14013 SSM Trilby FPRL 14016



SSAW 2014 Philippe Urban Headwear Details

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SS14 Straw Detail002 SS14 Straw Detail010 SS14 Straw Detail011 SS14 Straw Detail013 SS14 Straw Detail015 SS14 Straw Detail016 SS14 Straw Detail018 SS14 Straw Detail020 SS14 Straw Detail021 SS14 Straw Detail022 SS14 Straw Detail023 SS14 Straw Detail024 SS14 Straw Detail025 SS14 Straw Detail026 SS14 Straw Detail027 SS14 Straw Detail028 SS14 Straw Detail029 SS14 Straw Detail030 SS14 Straw Detail031 SS14 Straw Detail032 SS14 Straw Detail034 AW14  Headband Totem FF Detail000 copy AW14 Cap FRG Detail 141002 copy AW14 Cap FRG Detail 141006 copy AW14 Cap FRG Detail 141009 copy AW14 Cap FRG Detail 141010 copy AW14 Cap FRG Detail 141011 copy AW14 Visor FF2T Detail000 copy AW14 Visor FF2T Detail002 copy

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