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Pedram-Karimi_fw15_fy1 Pedram-Karimi_fw15_fy19Cap with flap for Pedram Karimi AW 2014 2015



Swiss Straw braid.

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This Braid is from Isler from Switzerland . Already vintage when i find it 1990 at Kates Millinery from the sample archives

probably from the mid sixties at least .2 inch wide, in wheat .

The weaving is in diagonal like the hat body ,on one side guided and baste with a double coton thread like on horsehair braid too.

Theses braids have been made and design for hand made sewing for shapes and buckram…

They too wide too be sewn on the machine….on my own expertise i ‘ve tried it all ready…

I ‘ll use for trimming …and like horsehair the flexibilities of the weave is great.

the second flexible position on the back.

PK 56 Collection

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This hat is a Panama Brisa from Ecuador .
Upcycled from Salvation Army ,the body is blocked on wood block crown  from la Forme in Paris .
The brim is  rolled and shape by hand, finish with a plastic flex wire or french closed wired on demand.
The headsize is custom on order for 21inch to 24 inch or 53 to 61cm.
The Knox Trim band is from the original vintage ribbing for sport jackets from the 70’s .

BAGS live online

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Order and buy online

Mens H150 H380 H500

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MWB693 H150

MWB693 H500

MWC5694 H500
MWC7697 H500

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